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Apple and Tesla may be making headlines for their advancements in electric vehicle development, but these five hybrid and electric car models from traditional automakers deserve recognition for their drivers’ superb eco- and safety-consciousness. When it comes to the future of automobiles, electric cars are at the forefront of the conversation. Advancements in electric vehicle […] Read more from OnSachem News.

Most people living today have often heard the phrase ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’. Within the circle of the collectible car hobby, who hasn’t used that saying – usually followed immediately by the words “sold it” or “let it go.” My 1960 DeSoto Adventurer belongs in that group... one of several ‘collectible automobiles’ I have owned since officially joining the hobby in the mid-‘80s. It was a strong number three example, and a good 20-footer... a car I could be proud to be seen in, but that never brought home a trophy. Read more from OnSachem News.

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Before “political correctness” came into being (1970-1975), we called them junk yards. The first softening of that old moniker, came as “salvage yard” became the fashionable new term. Call them what you wish, but we all know that, whatever they are called, they mark the final resting place of once-pristine automobiles and trucks. Read more from OnSachem News.

Buick has bombarded our TVs with commercials proving that GM’s pseudo-luxury brand has changed. The rebranding by Buick is smart. It had a stodgy vibe. It was what grandparents drove. And also, Buick has suffered as being a tweener brand, as in it was nicer than Chevy but not quite as luxurious as Cadillac. And GM also has the GMC brand that is kind of similar. Read more from OnSachem News.

(John Hansen) - Solar energy isn't new, but like any worthwhile technology, it has been upgraded. When you think of solar panels, do you think of unsightly blocks marring the lines of your roof? Today's solar energy panels are a clean and sleek source of renewable energy that increasing numbers of homeowners embrace as a way to save the planet and save on their energy bills.Installing solar panels could save a homeowner as much as 35% on energy bills in the first year of use, according to Solar Energy Partners, a community-focused solar company based in California. "We strive to grant homeowners the peace of mind to live their lives without interruption through the power of Earth's most renewable resource," according to the company.Solar energy is an environmentally sound energy source that reduces air pollution, reduces water use, reduces dependence on nonrenewable energy, and reduces energy costs to consumers.The experts at Solar Energy Partners (SEP) act as true partners when it comes to helping homeowners enjoy the benefits of green energy, with a commitment to community and customer service that sets them apart. SEP offers not only a cost-free savings analysis, but also a computer-generated image to show potential customers exactly how their solar panels will look on their roof. SEP installers work flexible days and times to suit any schedule, they are committed to an unintrusive process that customers appreciate. Solar panels are durable and require almost no maintenance. The SEP panels are designed to generate power for 25 to 35 years, and can be installed on almost any type of roof. Although a southern-facing roof is ideal, SEP experts can create a workaround as neededSEP's service-oriented business model extends to the community at large; in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEP partnered with the Salvation Army through their California South Division to provide local families in need with groceries, school supplies, and assistance with rent and utility bills. SEP currently serves communities in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and New Jersey.Visit solarenergy.partners to learn more the value of solar energy, and check out the company's facebook page at Read more from OnSachem News.

My high school teen MiKaiya Rawlins (Mika) just graduated from Paint Branch High in Silver Spring, MD, so my gift to her was a trip to the Grand Canyon State for a full day on the track behind the wheel of her favorite automotive brand, Dodge. Yep, she's been talking about the purchase of a pink Charger for the last two years. But, thanks to Radford Racing School instructors, Mika currently knows how to operate the muscle car, specifically the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye! Read more from OnSachem News.

Father’s Day, 2021 was a hot one for the annual Father’s Day Car Show at The National Museum of Transportation, with temps in the mid-'90s! My son, Jeff, came by to spend some time with me on this special day and treat me to lunch at the Orthwein Center. Walking back up the hill to the car show area, there, directly in front of me, was this stunning 1950 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. The owner, Kevin Williams must have been expecting me, for he was posed holding in his hands, the People’s Choice Award trophy he won moments earlier. Read more from OnSachem News.