HOLBROOK AND HOLTSVILLE, NY — The 25th Annual Holbrook Chamber of Commerce Carnival & Festival featured the crowning of the new Little Mr. & Miss Holbrook.

Three boys and three girls competed for the title. While there could only be one boy and one girl to receive the crown and royal mantle, all the participants proudly represent their community.

The new Little Mr. and Miss Holbrook are Laim Wolters and Adriana Landkammer. They will wear their titles for a full year, representing Holbrook at the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Menorah Lighting, and Memorial Day Parade.

Liam and Adriana are six years old, live in Holbrook, and begin first grade next week. Liam will attend Tamarac Elementary School in Holtsville and Adriana will attend Grundy Avenue Elementary School in Holbrook.

The most-recent Little Miss Holbrook, Ariel Diamond of Holbrook, is now eight years old and graciously passed on the title, crown, and mantle to the incoming Little Miss Holbrook. Ariel will begin third grade next week at Grundy.

Although the outgoing Mr. Holbrook could not attend the event, he ensured the crown and mantle would be on hand for the new Little Mr. Holbrook.

Watch their crowning and listen to their interviews in this OnSachem video report (video in above player window).


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