HOLBROOK, NY ( / — This weekend exactly one year ago, the Sachem community enjoyed the 25th Annual Holbrook Chamber Carnival & Festival.

A year later, however, so much of everyday life has changed, and that meant the 26th Annual event isn’t happening this year because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The annual carnival held by the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce has delighted families with rides, entertainment, food, and fireworks. The event is always a highly anticipated summertime outing with family and friends. It is held annually in the middle of August at the Town of Islip’s Holbrook Country Club along Patchogue-Holbrook Road.

OnSachem attended the carnival and festival last year to capture many of the most-anticipated moments.

In honor of all the hard work that goes into the festival every year and to highlight some of what makes the Sachem area special, OnSachem is pleased to present a series of videos over the coming days as we look back to last year’s carnival.

Yesterday, OnSachem took you back to opening night on Thursday, August 15, 2019, when Morgan Tiller and Nicholas Palermo of Holbrook performed the National Anthem.

Today, also from opening night, OnSachem presents the rock band Peasant's Harp. As a plus, the fireworks show began in the background! Stunning!

Here is the band’s performance.


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