NEW INFORMATION: Lynwood School to resume in-person learning Feb. 2, COVID-19 infections up 20 in Sachem Schools

FARMINGVILLE, NY ( / — COVID-19 positives increased by another 20 across Sachem Central School District. Meanwhile, district officials announced in-person learning will resume Tuesday, Feb. 2, at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School in Farmingville.

As OnSachem News reported, Lynwood returned to distance-learning only, again, on Monday and Tuesday because of COVID-19 infections. This followed the school having a distance-learning only day last Tuesday, Jan. 19, following the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. 

On Sunday evening, Sachem Schools District Superintendent Christopher J. Pellettieri wrote in a letter to the Sachem community, "As we continue to examine the high number of cases in the past week at Lynwood Avenue School and in consultation with the Suffolk County Department of Health, we have made the decision to transition Lynwood Avenue School to distance learning for Monday, January 25th and Tuesday, January 26th.

Sachem Schools announcement about Lynwood

Sachem Schools posted this memo Sunday on about Lynwood Avenue Elementary School in Farmingville. As of 9:55 p.m. Tuesday, the district has not yet posted an update about Lynwood's status for Wednesday morning.

Pellettieri then cautioned distance-learning only may extend beyond the initial two days.

"On Tuesday [Jan. 26], we will reassess the possible need to extend our distance learning until Tuesday, February 2nd based on the reporting of additional cases," Pellettieri wrote.

As of Wednesday morning, district officials confirmed Lynwood School will resume in-person learning on Feb. 2. 

COVID-19 in Sachem Schools

COVID-19 infections increased by another 20 in Sachem Schools since the last update as of Friday, according to daily cases reported Monday and released Tuesday. The 20 new cases brought the cumulative number of those infected to 561 across Sachem Central School District beginning in September.

COVID-19 Cases at Each School

Here is the latest cumulative number of positives at each school as of Monday, Jan. 25, according to the data released Tuesday, Jan. 26, by New York state and Sachem Schools:

Sachem Elementary Schools 

• Cayuga Elementary School in Lake Grove – 13 cases, up 0 (9 students, 4 teachers/staff)

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• Chippewa Elementary School in Holtsville – 20 cases, up 1 (16 students, 4 teachers/staff)

• Grundy Avenue Elementary School in Holbrook – 21 cases, up 1 (17 students, 4 teachers/staff)

• Hiawatha Elementary School in Lake Ronkonkoma – 26 cases, up 1 (20 students, 6 teachers/staff)

• Lynwood Avenue Elementary School in Farmingville – 35 cases, up 2 (27 students including 11 off-site students, 8 teachers/staff including 2 off-site teachers/staff)

• Merrimac Elementary School in Holbrook – 17 cases, up 1 (14 students, 3 teachers/staff)

• Nokomis Elementary School in Holbrook – 23 cases, up 2 (15 students, 8 teachers/staff)

• Tamarac Elementary School in Holtsville – 20 cases, up 0 (15 students, 5 teachers/staff)

• Waverly Avenue Elementary School in Holtsville – 19 cases, up 2 (13 students, 6 teachers/staff)

• Wenonah Elementary School in Lake Grove – 17 cases, up 0 (10 students, 7 teachers/staff)

Sachem Middle Schools

• Sagamore Middle School in Holtsville – 39 cases, up 1 (27 students including 4 off-site students, 12 teachers/staff)

• Samoset Middle School in Lake Ronkonkoma – 28 cases, up 1 (18 students including 1 off-site student, 10 teachers/staff)

• Seneca Middle School in Holbrook – 47 cases, up 2 (36 students including 5 off-site students, 11 teachers/staff)

Sachem High Schools

• Sachem High School East in Farmingville – 112 cases, up 5 (96 students including 3 off-site students, 16 teachers/staff)

• Sachem High School North in Lake Ronkonkoma – 124 cases, up 1 (106 students including 14 off-site students, 18 teachers/staff)

The state’s COVID-19 Report Card is available at Similar information is also on Sachem Schools' COVID-19 data dashboard available at

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