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As a physicians, we are deeply concerned about multiple bills being discussed in our legislature that discriminate against LGBTQ+ youth and adults. Each bill on its own is extremely troubling; the sheer number of discriminatory bills is truly frightening. When legislatures pass bills that discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, the suicide rate among this population increases even more. For example, when the infamous “bathroom bill” in North Carolina passed, the number of calls to a suicide hotline for transgender individuals doubled. Alternatively, we also know that laws that promote equality, such as marriage equality, significantly decrease the suicide rates. Allowing businesses and medical providers to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, prohibiting transgender youth from playing on sports teams, prohibiting individuals from aligning their birth certificate with their identity, and interfering with the physician-patient relationship by dictating what medical care can be provided to LGBTQ+ individuals would all only further increase the discrimination that LGBTQ+ Montanans already face. Harm is being done to many Montanans by even considering such bills in our legislature. We urge you to take action by contacting your legislator and urge them to oppose all bills that would further discriminate against our fellow LGBTQ+ Montanans.


Feb. 28—Ashley Stewart Gilbert Bovard had a plethora of hobbies. Judo, rugby, ice hockey, sailing, rowing, welding, music, literature, stained-glass window making and the list goes on and on and on. "You can never have too many hobbies," said Bovard's youngest son, Scott, of Missoula, Montana. "I think that's one thing dad passed on to us is there's no reason to be stagnant but always try to ...

Feb. 28—Instead of celebrating a Senior Day win and three-game winning streak, Arizona will practice Sunday .. and then board another airplane, this time to face the team the Wildcats can never seem to beat. "I think our guys are really excited to go to Oregon and I'm not just giving you that," Miller said Saturday after UA beat Washington 75-74. "We've talked to them. I think I've got a good ...