Portesy's Viewpoint: "Our 'Better Brookhaven' Movement Served as the Think Tank for the Brookhaven Highway Department“

TOWN OF BROOKHAVEN, NY (OnSachem.com / OnTownMedia.com) — Anthony R. Portesy, the former candidate for Town of Brookhaven's Superintendent of Highways, responded to a viewpoint shared last week by his incumbent challenger, Daniel P. Losquadro.

In Losquadro's viewpoint published by OnSachem on Feb. 7, the Highways Superintendent urged New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature to increase aid for local road work and infrastructure improvements.

Portesty responded with a viewpoint of his own, which read, in part, "Our 'Better Brookhaven' movement served as the think tank for the Brookhaven Highway Department."

Losquadro, the Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate, won reelection in November 2019 against challenger Portesy, the Democratic, Working Families and Libertarian candidate. They also challenged each other for the Highways Superintendent seat during the 2017 election.

Here is Portesy's viewpoint.

If you supported my campaign, take credit for this. Our "Better Brookhaven" movement served as the think tank for the Brookhaven Highway Department. It is mind boggling that Mr. Losquadro, who has served in this post since 2013 after serving in the State Assembly only now in 2020, thought to petition for more CHIPs [Consolidated Highway Improvement Program] funding after I decided to discuss the issue at every door and every civic event from Shoreham to Coram since 2017.

Here is the link to my piece I wrote on the issue.

Credibility is everything and what you stand for is what coalitions of voters vote for and believe in. This is what it was all about folks. A Better Town and I'm glad my voice and support is finally leading to advocacy for our community.

This is why I am going to work to make infrastructure the priority and knock doors for state Senate and State Assembly candidates committed to revisiting the CHIPs formula.

Residents can always make waves with competitive elections and I hope you'll join me in making sure the State Senate and State Assembly will work to ease the burden on Brookhaven and nearby townships to repair and maintain our infrastructure. I may not be your Highway Superintendent, but I'll always be your advocate. That's what the campaigns were always about. YOU.

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