What's Your Viewpoint? Tell Us!

OnSachem.com welcomes submitted viewpoint articles. If you are especially passionate or knowledgeable about a topic of interest to the community, pen a viewpoint article under your byline and share it with OnSachem.com.

You can submit the viewpoint article with our online form or email it to Jim.Green@OnTownMedia.com.

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Please consider the following when making your submission:

  • Submissions should focus on advancing our community. No submissions will be considered if they defame, harass, degrade or bully. Make your point—make it strong, critical and passionate—but be polite. After all, we're all part of this community together.
  • Every submission approved for publication will appear with the submitter’s name listed as the author. OnSachem.com will reach out to the submitter to verify authorship before publication. Anonymous submissions will not be considered.
  • Submissions should be grammatically correct and written as tightly as possible. OnSachem.com may edit submissions for grammar, style and length.
  • A submission does not guarantee approval by OnSachem.com for publication.
  • Submissions approved for publication may appear in all current and future forms of OnSachem.com and OnTownMedia.com properties, including publication websites and social media.


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